Friday, August 06, 2004

Superdan (aka Db)

Just for the record, why the name 'Superdan - Man Of The People'?

Rebranding exercise, been accused of being Stalinist in my modding ways so I've gone one step further & now I'm promoting myself as a fish out of water, a renegade mod fighting against the system & its crazy laws, giving the finger to the law to get the job done.

Or I might have been bored.

What are you up to these days?

Blimey...well I got a few things on the quiet which shall be coming to fruition soon & will hopefully start pushing people & things for the board in good directions... On top of that I'm still trying to ply my trade as a person who plays 'rekkids' one after another (all offers welcome, will play music for chips), & trying to get gigs for a few peeps on the board who will be future stars.

What music are you currently listening to?

At the moment I'm filling the gaps of my musical history by reading The A To X Of Alternative Music & really digging stuff like Country Joe & The Fish, Funkadelic, Pastels, Rapeman... Also got stuff by Cornelius & DJ Yoda always on the pile ready for a listen...

And also going through the classics listening to Paul Simon (Graceland is just f**king class), & Elvis Costello... Most new albums out are s**t at the moment apart from Futureheads & the Concretes.

What, if push comes to shove, is the one album that changed your life?

It's a toss up between Blur's Parklife & Weezer's blue album, they were the albums that made me stop & think about music y'know? That cross over point from listening to caring.

Which artiste, other than yourself, have you ever wanted to be?

If I was Bowie I would have f**ked it up & he would be a pissant, so no one.

You've been a moderator for GYBO for quite a while now. Any chance of re-tellin the story again on how did this whole "job" come about?

Grant was drunk, Lionel was horny, & Daz got a life, so it was a natural progression to get the next best person in the list who talked bollocks in Off Topic to continue the trend.

What is the most irritating thing about being a GYBO mod?

The dance moves I have to learn.

The last of Superdan:

Last CD you bought (or downloaded) = The King - Gravelands
Last movie you watched that's took your breath away = American Splendor
Last book or mag you read that gave you wood = The A To X Of Alternative Music (Picture of Debbie Harry...grrr! I still would!)
Last concert you watched that bored you to tears = Ryan Adams. The cunt. What did I expect?
Last bootleg you heard that's so bad, you can't seem to get it off your head = My shit memory helps extremely well in this area ;)

What are the elements that make up a good bootleg?

I think there is only one really. That X factor, also known as fun. A lot of the stuff feels like it could have been churned out for the hell of it rather than something like Dizzee with Chas & Dave where its invention. You can't get better than a) the wow factor and b) the urge to fling yerself around or nod furiously. Stuff like that transends pitch & other problems.

In your honest opinion, which bootlegger should consider calling it a day?

No one, no matter how bad they are now, they might make a golden nugget in the future.

Mash-ups: Better than sex. Discuss...

I hear too many of one & don't get enough of the other. I'm greedy & will combine it in the future.

Which bootleg deserves a chance at the charts & why?

All the ones that are good, cos they are usually a good deal better than the floating turds in music charts.

Let's play word association. We mention a name & you give us your thoughts...

Boot106 = Useful
Lionel Vinyl = Legend
T In The Park = Heaven
RIAA = Fatuous
Franz Ferdinand = Catchy
Soul Survivor = Wha?
Angelina Jolie = Helllloooooooooo
XFM Superchunk = Pivotal
Freelance Hellraiser = Outclassed
Kelis = Meh

What's your favourite Saturday night record?

No question. The Doors - "Break On Through".

And your Sunday morning one?

I Am Kloot's "To You"

Life after death - reality or just myth?


Any principles of life you live by?

Never shit where you eat.

What are your plans for the future?

To avoid eating & smelling fish, & to beg for someone to gimme a job.

Do you still see yourself being a GYBO mod in ten years time?

Nothing's forever, and I'm amazed I'm still one now.

What do you think the future for bootlegs / mash-ups / remixes would be like, given that being a home musician is so easy these days?

It's just another thing that gets done to music, probably end up being a marketing tool. Power to the f**king people I say!

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