Monday, September 20, 2004

DJ C Boast

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Just for the record, why the name 'DJ C Boast'?

Well, I couldn't & can't really think of anything for a name. I was playing around & did a little mix & that was the name I used, plus it partly came as my uncle is a DJ / bootlegger who goes by the name of DJ Boast.

What are you up to these days?

What am I up to? Well...I am forever learning how to bootleg (in time & all) & how to create my own tunes...which I am intending to use my MIDI keyboard I have. Basically I need to learn how to use it.

What music are you currently listening to?

More than I ever do! I've been listening to a lot of dance music & the ones I have been listening to are Dizzee Rascal & The Streets.

What, if push comes to shove, is the album that changed your life?

Well, all I can say is I've never been one for albums till a couple of years back, but my favourite of all time would be a recent one by the Streets which is called A Grand Don't Come For Free.

Do you still remember the first record you bought? Where did you buy it?

Hahaha!!! Now don't laugh...I was only little, it was that Zig & Zag song that was out...LOL

Which artiste, other than yourself, have you ever wanted to be?

There's never been an artiste I'd like to follow really. I would if I could like to bring something new. Maybe someone like Stijn, John Foxx minus the singing though.

Can you recall the most embarrassing & bizarre thing that has ever happened to you?

Tough this is probably when I played for my footy team about 3 years ago. I was running to take the throw in when a bird had decided to go toilet on me! LOL...It had sh*t on my hand so I quickly rubbed it off hoping no one had noticed.

The Last of DJ C Boast:

Last album you bought (or downloaded) = Natasha Bedingfield
Last movie you watched that scared the hell outta you = Never has been one but the one that made me jump the most was probably Urban Legend 2.
Last book or mag you read that was a total waste of time = ???
Last concert you went that was awesome = Q
Last mash-up you heard that rocked your world = Soundhog's Eminem vs Metallica - "Enter Superman".

What is the most irritating thing that bugs you about GYBO?

Guests!!! They're bloody irritating! 1) They never say the right things & 2) They're cocky sods!

Which bootlegger, do you think, deserves the greatest applause?

McSleazy. Why? Because he's achieved more than most or even anyone. He runs GYBO. He's very talented at what he does & I love the sounds he uses in his remixes. I can't get enough of them! He deserves to be supporting artistes like Kelis & the Charlatans.

Any boots you wished you've done but didn't?

Soundhog's "Enter Superman". It's a masterpiece.

"GYBO is infested with elitists". Discuss...

Depends on what you mean really....there seems to be more respect for those who have been there for a long time & a fair bit less for the newbies.

Let's play word association. We mention a name & you give us your thoughts...

Oorsmeer = Cool place
DJ Tripp = Funny & maybe irritating
Smith Wigglesworth = Eh?
the_dr = Not a good place to go!
FHM = Oh oho oh sweet child o mine!!!
Heidi Klum = Nice
Mike Skinner = The 'lyric master'...
Corsair = Records
Richard X = A man who's achieved at the highest level.
KY Jelly = Hmmmm...jelly!

Which decade do you consider its music the sexiest?

Early 90's purely because I remember loads (of it).

What do you remember about the following years:

1982 = Wasn't here
1986 = My sister was born
1995 = Was about 5...LOL!
1997 = Began gettin' into music
2004 = The Streets!!!

What's the worst rumour you've heard that is said about you?

Probably a silly one that I fancied a real ugly girl...

Any principles of life you live by?

Not really. I just do what I can & achieve the best I can & try to live a nice easy life with no hassle or anything.

What are your plans for the future?

Well...I plan to continue to do musical things that meet the GYBO massive....& settle down with a good job.

Do you still see yourself making boots in ten years time?

I do & I don't...I can see myself making my own stuff though & remixes.

What do you think the future for bootlegs / mash-ups / remixes would be like, given that being a home musician is so easy these days?

I think the future can become bigger if it gets the right people's attention. And I'm sure it does attract a lot...its good fun.

One of DJ C Boast's boots:

Stand Up & Touch This (DJ C Boast vs [OFFLINE]