Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Prank Monkey

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Starring Nick Foster, Richie Deluxe & Pheugoo

Just for the record, what's the story behind the name 'Prank Monkey'?

Nick Foster: From The Simpsons episode - "Homer vs. Dignity". Not one of the best, but the Malibu Stacy musical bit in it is inspired.

Richie Deluxe: Pretty much what he said. I wanted to call the label "Clarence".

Pheugoo: Is called Prank Monkey?!

So what're the "monkeys" up to these days?

Nick: We've got our first release Cowboy Boots coming out on the 4th April. It's a 12" EP & eleven-track virtual album combo (the virtual album is only available if you buy the 12") & should be available from most record emporiums.

Richie: After that we have the vinyl release of an infamous bootleg album.

Pheugoo: "the monkeys" still exist? I thought they broke up ages ago!

And what 'choons' are currently ringing in the office?

Nick: Dunno 'bout Richie or Pheugoo, but at the moment I'm listening to a version of "Ain't No Sunshine" by Eva Cassidy - not by choice I may add.

Richie: At the moment I'm listening to the Wedding Present & These Animal Men.

Pheugoo: I'm listening to "Una Paloma Blanca (2005)" over & over again. Don't ask me why.

If push comes to shove, can you list out five of the greatest monkey-related songs?

Nick: Eerrrr..."Funky Gibbon" by The Goodies (sorry Richie, I had to have this one)...the theme from Monkey the TV series..."Daydream Believer" by The Monkees...ummm...George Michael did one but it was shit...eemmm...the theme from King, that's it I'm spent.

Richie: Well, since he's nicked the "Funky Gibbon" right from under me..."Luther The Anthropod" by the Jimmy Castor Bunch, "Monkey Magic" by Shaft, "Work Mi Body" by Monkey Mafia, "I Wanna Be Like You" from The Jungle Book & er..."Randy Scouse Git" by the Monkees - purely cos it's the least likely song title for a manufactured American band.

Pheugoo: Manu Negra - "King Kong Five", Millencolin - "Monkey Boogie", The Kinks -"Apeman", Wobbie Williams - "Me & My Monkey" & any song from Wacko Jacko.

When was the last time any of you bought a record that made you go totally ballistic? Where did you buy it?

Nick: Not brought a record for a long time, been spending most of my time transfering my CD collection onto my iPod. Last album I brought was Eels - Daisies Of The Galaxy, which I downloaded off iTunes.

Richie: I liked the Chromeo album a lot, although the last one to make me go mental was probably the Datsuns first one!

Pheugoo: The last record I bought... hmm tough question. I can tell you what the last record I should have bought: Little Barrie - We Are Little Barrie.

Which artiste, other than yourself, have you guys ever wanted to be?

Nick: Syd Barrett, Arthur god the list is endless.

Richie: Bill Drummond, Adamski, Mike Nolan.

Pheugoo: David Carson, Roy Liechtenstein, & some musicians as well

The First of Prank Monkey:

First record you ever bought =

Nick: Slade - "Merry Xmas Everybody" 7" single for 50p

Richie: The Greatest Hits Of Shakin Stevens in 1984!

Pheugoo: Hollands Hakkuh 2

First sexual encounter that made you go bananas =

Nick: Err...

Richie: Discrete fumbling many years ago

Pheugoo: Actually with my current missus 7 years ago (or something)

First prank you played that went overboard =

Nick: Em...

Richie: I once gave Rod Hull the wrong directions to the local theatre

Pheugoo: Don't know where I have to start

First movie that gave you wood =

Nick: Oh...

Richie: Teen Wolf when that lady takes off her bra

Pheugoo: Karate Kid IV! Wrauw!

First outrageous rumour you heard about Prank Monkey =

Nick: That we're corporate whores who are only in it for the money - not actually a rumour as yet, but give it time...

Richie: That we release any old shit

Pheugoo: That I'm in it

Could you tell us a slight history on how Prank Monkey Records came about?

Nick: Started [out] as a drunk conversation with Richie D in Harrow.

Richie : I thought it was actually a hungover conversation in Rickmansworth? But the Harrow legend is better - it's been retold in song you know, but you'd need to get hold of our virtual CD to hear it.

Pheugoo: In Trier Nick asked me if I wanted to help him out with some dark underground project he was launching, by accident I said yess.

Of all the genres, why a release on country-themed mash-ups?

Nick: It was originally only going to be a virtual album release of C&W boots as a bit of fun, but due to our next release being quite an undertaking, we decided to put out a limited release of four tracks from the collection that seem to fit together the best. This is meant to be a sort of "test" release, so we could get everything together (distribution, artwork etc) for our next "major" release. Still valid tho & I personally love it. A lot of fun.

Richie: It's because Nick has an unhealthy obsession with country, & it was the theme that most tenuously linked our stuff together.

Pheugoo: Country is the new Pop!

Most of the tracks were all previously released on GYBO. What chances of success are you guys expecting with the vinyl release of Country Boots?

Nick: It is hard to tell with vinyl, but we are not just aiming for people who reside on GYBO/CDX/Mutantpop etc. This is one of the reasons that we had to get distribution, so apart from the forums there will also be a chance of people buying it on impulse from a record shop.

Richie: Getting into the likes of HMV allow us to reach people who don't spend all day browsing cliquey web forums.

Pheugoo: Coz we are pigheaded!

Could you tell us a little about the secret track that can be downloaded only with the password obtained by buying the vinyl?

Nick: No, but there will be a couple of exclusives.

Richie: It's the worst thing ever made, & the best thing.

Pheugoo: Sshhhtt!

What do you think is the 'secret ingredient' behind a Prank Monkey release?

Nick: No secret ingredient. I think because of the first release & the Richie connection, people will mistakenly believe that we will just be releasing "fun" boots/mash ups. Our second release should put a stop to that...but then our third will probably put us back to square one again! There will be bonus tracks etc available online with each release.

Richie: Not entirely sure what the Richie connection is, but we're buzzing with ideas, we have bootlegging's greatest graphic artist on board & we're always gonna give you something interesting. Yes, sometimes the ideas are a little silly, but they're timeless - what would you prefer? Something you'll pick up & smile at in years to come, or some faceless breaks track that sounds dated a month later?

Pheugoo: Bananas! Tons of bananas!

In your opinion, what are the factors that make a good mash-up?

Nick: I am a sucker for a good ol fashion A+B, after all it's what got me interested in the scene in the first place, but I must admit that I prefer very odd, imaginative pairings over technical perfection.

Richie: You've heard it before, you'll hear it again. The smile factor. If you aren't smiling 20 seconds into the song then it's going off.

Pheugoo: Yeah, I love A vs B bootlegs with genre clash. I like 'em catchy as hell with as little rap as possible.

Describe your ultimate bootleg fantasy involving Garth Brooks, King Kong, Shania Twain, Dunproofin' & Pheugoo. Humour us please...

Nick: Garth & Andy mount an expedition to Skull Island (in the Netherlands) to capture the legendary King Kong. However, their path is blocked by Pheugoo Man.They managed to distract Pheugoo Man with some fun paper & felt pens & carry on their journey, only to discover it is not King Kong that the natives are worshipping but Shania Twain & her huge bosom.

Richie: Dunproofin' & Pheugoo are drinking 9% beer in an Amsterdam cafe & somehow land roles in the new Peter Jackson movie of King Kong as SWAT team members. However, Dunproofin' is forced to wear pyjamas & a big moustache for the part. Garth Brooks & Shania Twain are used as stunt doubles for the shooting of Kong, but neither is given body armour. Dunproofin' later remarks that he does not know how Pheugoo got into his pyjamas. Then I wake up & have some coffee.

Pheugoo: Hmm...for me it isn't even a fantasy: I'm disturbing Dunproofin' each 5 mins... no it was 3...or...NO! it wasn't Dunproofin' I'm disturbing King Kong each 7 mins...or was it daily?...anyway, I was disturbng him with my new Shania Twain mash-up...or was it...yess it was...yeah now I'm was a Garth Brooks mash-up!!...anyway I'm really lousy at telling jokes!

Let's play word association. We mention a name & you give us your thoughts...

Ian Brown =

Nick: Monkey Man

Richie: Hammy Wizard

Pheugoo: Who?


Nick: Kill Toby

Richie: Secret

Pheugoo: Became way to complicated for me

Weiser =

Nick: The rowboat song

Richie: Over-rated

Pheugoo: Bud!

Dolly Parton =

Nick: Bosom's

Richie: Tits

Pheugoo: Hooties

Mojo Jojo =

Nick: Not as good as Fuzzy Lumpkins & 'jo

Richie: Helper Monkey

Pheugoo: Townsville

Richie Deluxe =

Nick: Thinks he's a superhero & runs around Aberdeen with his pants over his jeans trying to fight crime. He is pants man.

Richie: Ha ha ha ha...he's lying. I don't wear pants.

Pheugoo: Are you wearing your kilt again?

Tatooine =

Nick: Should never have gone back the second time.

Richie: Tattoos? I don't have any.

Pheugoo: Hmm dunno. Let's google it!

Basement Jaxx =

Nick: Where's their head at ???

Richie: Fashion design students.

Pheugoo: Isn't that the new kid?

Johnny Cash =

Nick: A Boy Called Sue

Richie: Change from the condom machine.

Pheugoo: The Man Who Comes Around

Bathing Ape =

Nick: Isn't that Bush's mate, Ben???

Richie: T-shirts - not as good as Silas

Pheugoo: Has never made it through the Dutch border

Which genre of music do you consider it to be the next 'big' thing?

Nick: Skiffle! Overdue a comeback!

Richie: C86-style jingle-jangle indie - just you watch.

Pheugoo: Like I said before - Country is the new Pop.

What do you remember about the following years:

1988 =

Nick: Drugs, sex & rock n' roll.

Richie: Football, milkshakes, Tiffany.

Pheugoo: Mama...Papa...

1995 =

Nick: Married with child; no more drugs, sex & rock n' roll; occasional night out.

Richie: Drugs, sex & rock n' roll & serious disco dancing.

Pheugoo: Started to study arts. And it was the first time I visited a festival (Pinkpop).

1999 =

Nick: Better job; married with two children; no more drugs, sex & rock n' roll.Very occasional night out.

Richie: Moved to Perth - became a hermit.

Pheugoo: Met my lovely girlfriend.

2001 =

Nick:Promoted again:Married with two children : No more drugs, sex & rock n' roll. Hey, who needs night's out.

Richie: Wrote Culture Deluxe - although then it was known as Excalibur Music Store. Discovered bootlegs with Frenchbloke & Son.

Pheugoo: First time I went to Rock Werchter & saw 2 Many DJs (I've been told) .

2004 =

Nick: Prank Monkey takes shape.

Richie: Released London Booted & was violently sick in London.

Pheugoo: Started to do mash-ups myself, & brought Pheugoo to life.

What's your favourite Saturday night record?

Nick: Depends...

Richie: I said Vitalic's "La Rock" last time...this time I'm gonna say "Kung Fu" by Ash.

Pheugoo: NOFX - Punk In Drubic

And your Sunday morning one?

Nick: Depends...

Richie: The Virgin Suicides by Air.

Pheugoo: Zero 7 - When It Falls

Complete the following sentences...

Music changed my life...

Nick: I could have been a doctor, a lawyer...but no...

Richie: It hasn't yet, unfortunately.

Pheugoo: Coz it faded away my social life.

When it comes to vices...

Nick: Everyone should have at least one.

Richie: Miami, every time.

Pheugoo: Yess please...

The one thing that pisses me off major is...

Nick: Heart F**king FM.

Richie: Driving, drivers, cars...I can't even enjoy the dodgems now.

Pheugoo: People who misspell my name or pronounce it incorrectly.

Everybody got something to hide except...

Nick: Me & my...

Richie: Rik Waller.

Pheugoo: Clark Kent.

Paris Hilton is one...

Nick: Skanky Ho.

Richie: Off the wrist.

Pheugoo: On my to do list.

Culture Deluxe rocks because...

Nick: It's doing it for the kids.

Richie: It gives me something else to do when I'm supposed to be working.

Pheugoo: It uses pink in it's design.

When we die...

Nick: We die.

Richie: Another schmuck takes our place.

Pheugoo: Someone else has to pay the bills.

Lastly, Prank Monkey Records would wanna be remembered as...

Nick: A record label of ill repute.

Richie: The thing that finally killed bootlegs forever.

Pheugoo: The label that bought Sony & EMI.

You can visit the website of Prank Monkey Records here